Welcome to Konark

Lotus Eco Resort Konark, Konark, Konark Surya Temple

Located on the coast by the Bay of Bengal, Konark is a quaint, beautiful town and is the perfect destination for your getaway. Find yourself surrounded by splendid structures of medieval history in the form of temples, museums, and excavation sites - or enjoy a picturesque sunset on the silvery sands of the exotic Konark beach. Whatever your escapade entails, you can find it at Konark.

Lotus Eco Resort Konark, Konark, Afternoon at Ramchandi

Standing proud as a symbol of world heritage, The Konark Sun Temple, near Lotus Eco Beach Resort, exudes architectural brilliance that dates back to the 13th century. What’s better is that you can stumble on the famous Sun Temple as well as The Ramchandi Temple, while leisurely trudging along the Ramchandi Beach! Ideal for explorers and adventurers, Konark is an exceptional amalgamation of spirit, heritage, and natural beauty.

Konark is frequently visited by many tourists from all sects, all year round. Owing to their vicinity to the most notable tourist spot in town, hotels near the Konark Sun Temple are preferred by most. Amicably located just 7 Kilometers away, the Lotus Eco Beach Resort fares better than any other resort in Konark. It is the only resort near the Konark Sun Temple. If a quiet, countryside ambience is what you are looking for, this is the resort for you! Away from the hustle-bustle of the city, the Lotus Eco Beach Resort is where you can hear the spirit of Konark speak to you. You may wake up to a majestic sunrise or retire to the sounds of murmuring waves - and if you are lucky - during one of your beach walks - you may just see a barking deer fleeting by the greens. 

Whether you are looking to relive the splendour of our age-old history or just unwind, The Lotus Eco Beach Resort is here to make sure you experience Konark at its best!