Lotus Resorts and Hotels - Resorts in Goa, Konark and Murud - Dapoli

Chill. Still. Tranquil.


Lotus Resorts and Hotels is a well-established chain of luxury resorts and hotels managed by Kamat Hotels India Limited. The resorts and hotels have carved a niche in the hospitality industry by offering the best of hospitality and unprecedented services. Lotus Resorts and Hotels are ideally set in proximity to water bodies and lush greenery, offering guests moments of solitude, comfort, and luxury. After all Lotus Resorts' concise motto is 'Chill. Still. Tranquil'.

So, if you are planning a trip to Dapoli, Goa or Konark, Lotus Resorts and Hotels have you covered there.


Lotus Resorts and Hotels, as the name suggests, is deeply influenced by the majestic flower-Lotus.

We admire the resilience it showcases throughout its lifetime. The flower symbolizes the defeat of adversities to give birth to a new beginning.

Unique and highly revered within many cultures, Lotus embodies the very values we, Lotus Resorts and Hotels, live by.

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Within the meandering streets of Goa to the temple city of Konark, Lotus Resorts and Hotels has made its presence felt and has always been appreciated by our guests and staff alike. We strive to provide our guests with the best of our facilities and hospitality. We believe in fostering the values of grace and perfection in whatever venture we delve into.


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Lotus Beach Resort, Goa

Conveniently located in Benaulim, a charming town in Goa that boasts of great scenic delights and beaches, Lotus Beach Resort Benaulim Goa is a perfect gateway to start your vacation with.

A hop skip and a jump from Benaulim Beach, this exquisite Goa Beach Resort is the perfect base for anyone looking forward to a relaxed holiday in the beach capital of Goa.

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Lotus Eco Beach Resort Konark


Conveniently located just 15 minutes away from Konark Sun Temple, Lotus Eco Beach Resort Konark, is scenically nestled on the confluence of the Kusabhadra River and the Bay of Bengal.

Make the most out of your trip to the region by exploring the best places to visit in Konark - made easy by staying at the Konark beach hotel.

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Lotus Beach Resort, Dapoli

The Lotus Beach Resort, Dapoli, is located just 2 minutes away from the serene Murud Beach. Surrounded by the beaches of the Arabian Coast, the hotel is situated away from the regular humdrum of the city life.

Retreat into the world of sand, sea and seagulls during your stay at one of the best resorts in Dapoli.

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Happiness at Lotus Resorts and Hotels is a relative term. Our guests have the opportunity  to indulge in a host of recreational activities as well as relaxing ones. 

Chill out by the beaches of Goa and feel the sand brush your toes and the sun warm you.
Stay still within the majestic temples of Konark and feel the presence of the divine.

Or simply retreat within tranquility for a rejuvenating and relaxing experience at some of the most serene places in Goa and Konark.
At Lotus Resorts and Hotels, there are many beautiful reasons to be happy.

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Spa at Ramada Resort Kumbhalgarh


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