Celebrate A Happily Ever After With Lotus Resorts and Hotels

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A wedding in India is a grand affair. It is not only the union of two souls but also the union of two different sets of families and values.

To have a flawless wedding, a perfect location is imperative. At Lotus Resorts and Hotels, we provide our guests with the opportunity to make their dream wedding come true with our unique locations, gorgeous settings, and a set of competent staff for constant support. 

Lotus Resorts and Hotels, having three spectacular properties in two of the most breathtaking locations in India - Konark, and Goa, is the best place to convert the wedding of your dreams to reality. At Goa, the blue waves crashing on the golden sand set the tone for that quaint wedding you yearn for. While Konark being shadowed with majestic temples and ancient heritage provides the perfect backdrop for a typical big fat Indian wedding. 

Come and make memories with us at Lotus Resorts and Hotels!

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