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Places to visit in Konark, Best Konark beach resort

Turtle Habitation

Witness the rare sight of hordes of turtles making their way back into the ocean after being hatched. Goa and Odisha are the only two existing turtle nesting sites in India. At Lotus Resorts and Hotels, we provide you with the rare opportunity to watch them go back home to the ocean. Our resorts in Konark and Goa are located near this turtle nesting sites making it convenient for us to assist this venture.

Dolphin Watching

Get a chance to get up, close and personal with one of the most intelligent creatures on this planet - Dolphins with Lotus Resorts and Hotels. Being in close proximity to nature has its own advantage, one of them is the chance to watch dolphins in their natural environment. We offer our guests special safaris and rides to witness Dolphins leaping and playing around the ocean.

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Organic Farming

At Lotus Resorts and Hotels, we believe that simply being alive is not enough, to live one must have a little bit of sunshine, freedom, and trees in one's lives. Thus, to keep ourselves in harmony with nature we try to imbibe its spirit and Organic Farming is a huge part of it. We try to engage our guests in farming methodologies and urge them to practice an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle.

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Being situated at some of the most tranquil destinations covered in greenery, we strive to provide our guests with peace and serenity. Yoga is an ancient art form that harmonizes our body and soul with the cosmos, providing mental peace and happiness. Each of the resorts at Lotus resorts and Hotels houses special spaces to practice yoga and meditation.
Among the many sustainable practices, we also have a butterfly breeding ground that delights our guests with the most beautiful and majestic variety of butterflies.

Head into any of our properties to experience a holistic approach to life and living.